Poultry Nutrition & Services

Ridley Poultry Services provides custom formulation and nutrition support to help you meet your specific production objectives. Our team of poultry nutrition experts can provide nutrition services, low-inclusion products and technical support for your poultry enterprise.

Ridley Poultry

Quality premixes, formulation services and knowledgeable poultry technical staff are key to the success of Ridley Poultry Services. We pride ourselves on elevating our product and service offerings to the highest level of excellence. The unique, stand-alone services we provide are part of our exclusive "Triangle of Uniqueness," which includes:

  • Customization
  • Time
  • Information/networking

Ridley Poultry Services has a long history of providing nutritional support, formulation services, micro premixes and feed ingredients for the poultry industry. Our team of experts is focused on providing hands-on specialized nutrition services and solutions on which you can trust and rely.

Our team provides customized premixes and nutrition services for all avian species:

  • Laying hens
  • Broilers
  • Broiler breeders
  • Turkeys
  • Ducks
  • Game birds


Meet Our Team

mike banks

Mike Banks, MSc.

Poultry Specialist

lauren nolan

Dr. Lauren Nolan

Poultry Technical Consultant

jim rhoades

Dr. Jim Rhoades

Poultry Technical Consultant

Dr. Jim Wilson headshot

Dr. Jim Wilson

Poultry Technical Consultant